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ePoD Helps Drivers Go Green, Eliminate Expenses


AFS Technologies has been providing a competitive advantage for progressive food distributors for more than three decades.

As Ibrahim El-Helou, director of IT services, R.W. Zant Co., said, “We are excited to continue our partnership with AFS. They’ve invested considerably in technology, support, and product management. The purpose-built nature of their business ensures us that our continued investment in maintenance will have a 100 percent impact for food distribution companies like us. We are confident the investment we made will have a very long-lasting, positive impact on our organization.”

Did you know that worldwide, an estimated 15.3 billion trees are cut down each year? And the U.S. is the second-largest producer of paper and paperboard in the world, constituting 17.5 percent of global production. AFS ePoD helps decrease your organization’s carbon footprint through reduced paper usage.

David, a driver who currently uses ePoD, helps the Earth and reduces expenses with the help of ePoD. Normally, the driver tracks delivered items on paper, and the customer receives paper receipts and invoices. But with ePoD, paper use has been reduced, if not eliminated entirely.

“In the past, we would use mobile printing for invoices and reports for both customers and our office,” David recalls. “Going paperless with ePoD has allowed us to save not only paper, but also the trees used to produce it.”