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How AFS G2 Analytics Increased Our Profits


Business opportunity 
As a family-owned distributor, Florida Food Service (FFS) has served foodservice operators throughout the North Florida region since its origination in 1948. As a member of the nation’s largest foodservice coop, UniPro Foodservice, Inc., comprising of over 400 independent distributors, FFS has access to products and services from over 600 of the best manufacturers.

“Information Technology is critical to the success or failure of any business, but is especially true in the foodservice industry, with its high demand for customer service and historically low margins,” says Joel Islam, President of Florida Food Service. FFS lives by Joel’s philosophy and employs the latest technology, including, web-based ordering, full fleet telematics to ensure cold chain, GPS tracking for the delivery fleet, products scanned upon delivery, and now, AFS G2 Analytics to support and create insightful and actionable business information. Florida Food Service identified three key areas where technology could help them improve:

Managing Growth – With approximately 9,000 SKUs, it became difficult for Florida Food Service to manage the growth of vendors, categories, and sales territories.

Evaluating Vendor Performance – FFS noticed that meetings with vendors were very unproductive, often not knowing the details of why a vendor was up or down. Since vendor partnerships are a critical factor in the success of the company, FFS needed a solution to help look at massive amounts of transactions in a multitude of ways.

Preventing Lost Business – FFS needed a way to identify negative trends and act on possible lost business before it was too late.

FFS selected G2 Analytics as the purpose-build CPG analytics application that would help manage the problems of their ever-growing product offering, while maintaining focus on their key vendor partners.

By using the AFS ERP food service distribution software in conjunction with AFS G2, FFS was able to get immediate access to vast amounts of insights in an easy to consume form. Being able to look at tabular, multi-tier queries, or even graphs has made it easy for anyone to get information and quickly react.

Business insights provided through the AFS G2 Analytics enabled Florida Food Service to manage the growth of their business in two key areas:

Maximizing Profit – Thanks to G2, FFS can now proactively manage sales trends and maximize profitable sales, while reducing or eliminating low-profit sales.

More Productive Vendor Management – FFS uses Management by Exception (MBE) to notify Purchasing and Sales Management on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, about what’s going on, positively or negatively. Because of this, FFS was able to make their vendor meetings 50% more productive, through easy access to specific sales insights.

Preventing Lost Business – FFS can now quickly identify lost business trends before the loss is unrecoverable.

Personal service is provided by dedicated and knowledgeable employees. “FFS values integrity and honesty and we believe in treating customers and suppliers as partners,” Islam says. In turn, FFS customers get the buying power of the largest food distributors, but the personal service of an independent – the best of both worlds.