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This 7 Step Process Optimizes Pick Slots


Are your order selectors taking the wrong product? Are you continually waiting on Replenishments? Is the warehouse running out of space?

Picking is the most critical operation in the warehouse and therefore optimizing the warehouse’s pick slots for customer fulfillment, labor efficiency, maximizing space, and inventory accuracy should always be top of mind.

How can your WMS help? Here’s an A to Z operational process flow for how your WMS should help get the most out of your pick slots – from the moment product is received to the time an order selector takes it for an outbound shipment. 

1. System-Directed putaway

Putaway to pick slot unless older inventory in the warehouse for labor efficiency. Putaway based on velocity class ensuring fast moving product is placed closest to the dock. Putaway based on dimensions to maximize space and prevent waste. 

2. Pick Slot types

Ability to easily manage pick slot thresholds like capacity and replenishment levels based on formula instead of updating individual slots.  

3. Flexible slotting

Allow dedicated, non-dedicated or combination for assigning products to a pick slot.  Traditionally food warehouses dedicate products to a slot, but more are moving toward non-dedicated for optimizing space.  Such as for slow-moving products. 

4. Manage slots

Easily reassign slots from RF devices with user permission. 

5. Reporting and management alerts for slots not optimized

Automatic velocity reclassification to easily see which products should be re-slotted.  

6. Replenishments

For dedicated and non-dedicated, ensuring priority based on order demand and proper rotation.  Including pre-routed orders to get a jump start replenishing pick slots prior to order selection. System-directed to non-dedicated pick slots.

7. Pick accuracy

CoLocation check digits and scanning to ensure the right product is being selected. Voice pick box codes and GS1 scanning for lot traceability. Easily validation and data capture without increasing labor. 

AFS WMS can help you optimize slotting to gain efficiencies in your warehouse.  Contact us today.