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Exactly How Scavuzzo’s Expanded Capacity Without Adding Drivers


“Location, location, location,” the saying goes, is everything in real estate, and when it comes to food distribution, the same can be said for the location of customer deliveries today as well.

Customer communications and visibility is important now more than ever, which is why an ePoD solution is essential. In this exclusive AFS Technologies webinar, Scavuzzo’s, The Premium Food Service Company’s Director of IT, John Robba, will share exactly how his company leveraged the AFS ePOD solution to resolve Scavuzzo’s delivery issues while simultaneously improving reconciliation and data retrieval, adding capacity (without additional drivers), and providing greater management oversight through real-time reporting. He will detail why Scavuzzo’s decided to implement the AFS ePoD at this point in time, the specific problems the AFS ePoD solution helped the company address, and more.

In addition, more than 30-year foodservice expert veteran and AFS Consultant, David Feaster will walk you through this game-changing food service distribution software. Feaster will discuss what is ePod, the difference between AFS ePoD and other solutions, the benefits ePoD brings to you and your customers, the key delivery challenges ePoD addresses, and how the solution drives return on investment.

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