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I Supply Increases Order Velocity, Reduces Downtime and More With AFS OMSi eCommerce


Online ordering has transitioned from being a differentiator for distribution companies to a must-have. Distributors like I Supply Companynow have a distinct competitive advantage while others without online ordering systems are now at a major disadvantage in the market.

Based in Fairborn, Ohio, I Supply Company has been utilizing the AFS OMSi eCommerce system to better service their customers by allowing them to place orders online 24/7. The AFS OMSi eCommerce system has increased order velocity along with providing past order history and balances which reduced the administrative time required to respond to customer inquiries.  The solution is also easy to manage as it is hosted in the AFS Cloud where AFS can push updates down in minutes, limiting the downtime.  

A recent study by US Foods says 55 percent of its independent restaurant customers order through self-service e-commerce, up from just more than 10 percent in 2013. That has led to a 7 percent increase in average order value and a 5 percent increase in customer retention.

Todd Sidle, IT Manager at the I Supply Company, has seen similar trends in their business and they have realized benefits to their bottom line because of the use of AFS OMSi eCommerce.

“The AFS OMSi eCommerce solution allowed us to service more of our growing online customer base by offering a solution that was easy to use and available on many different devices and browsers,” Sidle says. “OMSi eCommerce provides value to our existing customers while also helping us to differentiate our capabilities and bring on new customers.”

Learn more about the AFS OMSi eCommerce solution here, or contact us to demonstrate how your company can benefit from this exciting technology.