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Why This AFS WMS Project Was Named a Top Supply Chain Project of the Year



Business Opportunity

Italfoods Inc., an Italian importer and distributor based in the San Francisco area, was like many distributors in that their primary pain point was not having full product level visibility to both the warehouse and in transit. This caused a reduction of customer satisfaction due to order fulfillment issues along with increased time for the staff in the warehouse to try and find certain products and laborious efforts to comply with recall efforts.


Italfoods took their business needs to AFS and were very impressed that AFS offered an integrated and purpose-built suite food service distribution software which would not only solve their current customer satisfaction issue but also help expand their business.  They implemented the AFS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and AFS WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) Enterprise with advanced voice picking capability and saw improvements almost immediately.


Previously, to ensure order accuracy, each product was touched 3 or 4 times by multiple individuals.  With WMS’ integrated voice picking, their pickers became much more accurate to the point where now only the picker touches the product.  This has increased their overall warehouse productivity and they have been able to slash overtime costs down to almost nothing–a major cost savings for the organization.

Benefit creation was immediately based on a reduction of mis-picks. AFS WMS helped provide better accountability and auditing capabilities which caused mis-picks to drop.

AFS WMS also enabled the reduction of late trucks going out since the product was being picked more accurately and quickly by the staff.  The on time and accurate orders reduced the number of customer complaints their staff had to handle and bolstered their reputation as a premier distributor.

The successes of this implementation were recognized by the Supply & Demand Chain Executive organization when they named the Italfoods AFS WMS project as one of the 100 great supply chain projects of the year.

“AFS was able to cohesively implement several powerful software solutions that allowed our operations to streamline by reducing the headcount we needed in the warehouse,” Robin Paniagua, Italfoods, Inc. VP of Operations said. “Even though we had fewer labor hours, we were able to successfully fill more orders with fewer mis-picks – allowing us to gain a lot of goodwill with our customers.”